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Coastline Cleaning operation !

Coastline Cleaning operation ! dans Articles 565056_371750186235772_51385700_n                  Photo show How we can reused barrels, it’s not our Creation, but it’s our hope. « recycling barrels found in seabed« 


Manoeuvre de Dépollution Alger 2011
Album : Manoeuvre de Dépollution Alger 2011
Une operation de dépollution, plage , haute plage et Fonds marin Dirrigé par Mr Rahmani-M-Lyes en collaboration avec l'association Marenostrum. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEjyphicI04
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I think to clean the coastline, through the creation of an event, that seeks not only clean the upper beach, the beach and the seabed, but also by specialists predict scientific workshops for children and community.
The event is a first because it allows intervention of:
- The volunteers
- A company of diving and underwater work
- The Environmentalists
- Artists
-  educators
- Coastal planners
- Firefighters
This may lead us to educate the community, but also cleaning is reasoned, it takes  account about the environmental balance.
organise this event in several countries adhere to let’s do it world , —–
- Will give visibility into waste.
- Establish the statistics on waste was recycled
- Education and awareness
- Establish a map of waste that is until now unknown
- The report of the event will be taken into account by the authorities of the country concerned (development the recycling industry).
- some waste is reused for decorated the upper beach (bins plastic bottles, small gardens (tires) etc , by developers and artists.
In the field of the environment can be proposed many ideas, but the environmental education of our children is the most important thing, which led me to think about distributing open event, guides & booklets that i personally wrote.
PS: I made a conference at Morocco University … and Algiers Institute of Oceanography.
Hope can share with my friends in the world with this conference, to explain deeply with videos and photos.
- This event can be developed by let’s do it world, in all sea side countries.
- I have attached some photos of the even,t that I organise in Algeria called  a «  fragile site cleaning operation« .
- this is just a scheme project, it’s not a usual cleaning beach .

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